Construction Solicitors

GSC’s construction department acts for developers, contractors, sub-contractors…

Construction Solicitors

GSC’s construction law department acts for developers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and funders involved in the construction industry.

Our construction solicitors provide advice in relation to all aspects of the construction procurement process including:

  • Building Contracts/Sub-Contracts
  • Letters of Intent
  • Development agreements
  • Professional Appointments
  • Collateral warranties and third party rights
  • Performance guarantees / bonds

Settlement & Disputes

In addition, our construction lawyers regularly advise clients in relation to the settlement of any disputes that arise during a construction project and can advise in relation to the following:

  • Assistance with pursuing or defending claims for payment
  • Negotiation of settlements via amicable agreement
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Litigation Proceedings
  • Arbitration proceedings


Wherever you are located, we understand the legal needs & cultural sensitivities and offer a fully integrated and seamless legal solution service, often in your language

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Wherever you are located, we have strong international connections, especially in the Middle East, Africa, China, India, Pakistan and former Soviet Union countries and offer legal solutions for cross-jurisdictional transactions, disputes and arrangements

As markets have evolved and became increasingly global, so has GSC’s focus. Today, we work for overseas clients in real estate and corporate investments, for corporations and international entrepreneurs. No other London law firm of comparable size speaks so many foreign languages in-house. For our clients cultural understanding is hugely important because it means they can deal with us on their terms so nothing is lost in translation.


For every part of your personal and professional life, we will protect your interests, your family and your future, and guide you every step of the way

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Trusted advisors for your personal, family & professional life, and everything else in between: GSC Solicitors will make sure your interests are protected and your loved ones’ futures are secure too.

For over 47 years, GSC Solicitors have helped private clients on a wide variety of their legal affairs and concerns, including property affairs, tax planning and wills or employment disputes, and much more – this list is by no means exhaustive. We have a plain-speaking and caring approach to every client – this is central to our belief.


Whether you are a start-up, a growth stage company, planning an exit, or an established corporate, we have a holistic understanding of business, technology & the climate in which you operate

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Law for every stage of your business: whatever stage you are at in your business, GSC Solicitors are on hand to keep protecting your brand, your people and your reputation.

GSC Solicitors have built a reputation since 1972 as a long-standing trusted advisor to successful entrepreneurs, start-ups, thought leaders and global brands. GSC lawyers think entrepreneurially – making us business partners rather than simply business advisors, with a personal approach to building relationships with our clients, an understanding of what needs to be done, and the tenacity and ability to make it happen.