Sponsor Licences & Immigration Compliance

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Sponsor Licences & Immigration Compliance

If you are a UK based business and wish to hire a worker in the UK from outside the EU, then it is probably best to obtain a Tier 2 sponsorship licence. This can be achieved if you apply to the Home Office and it is a way to assure the government that you will adhere to all duties related to sponsoring migrant workers.

Sponsor Licence Application

The process to apply for Tier 2 sponsorship licence is quite challenging at the moment, as part of the licensing process you may receive a visit from the Home Office who will want to conduct an audit of the human resource systems prior to the approval of your Tier 2 sponsor licence.  This means that it is crucial your business complies with all regulations, especially if you employ (and want to continue hiring) migrant workers under the Tier 2 scheme.

Even if your licence has been approved initially without the Home Office conducting an audit, you will at some stage during the life of your Tier 2 Licence receive a visit from them to ensure that your human resource practices are such that you to meet (or continue to meet) your sponsorship obligations. They will also check whether you are compliant with your responsibilities as an employer, among others. Upon their approval, your company will secure or maintain an “A” rating from them while, in the opposite case, you may lose your licence or have it suspended.

Immigration Compliance

UK immigration compliance is compulsory. Employers must identify migrant workers that require UK immigration permission to work and prevent illegal working by all means. They also need to make sure all prescribed documentation is reviewed and maintained properly. Employer’s failing to do so can face civil penalties, which are quite hefty or even reputational damage.

What Can GSC do for You

We specialise in UK immigration and our dedicated Sponsorship & Compliance Team is always up-to-date with Home Office policies and regulations related to the employment of migrant workers.

Our goal is to keep you informed of potential changes, new proposals, and policies that might affect your business or lead to penalties, as a means to help manage your company’s immigration strategy more effectively and ensure your human resource systems are compliant with your Tier 2 sponsorship duties.

Expect services tailored to your specific needs and budget, as well as fast and easy licence preparation and application processes.

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