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Property Finance

The GSC team manages a wide variety of real estate finance work, including bilateral and syndicated loans for the acquisition, construction, development and refurbishment of real estate assets.   Understandably, a good portion of the work from 2013 has involved loan restructuring, however we are also seeing new loans made, particularly in the hotel and leisure sector, where we have a particularly strong borrower base.

GSC is also skilled in the tax aspects of real estate finance, and are particularly known for our:

  • Broad mix of banks and borrowers: The team acts for a number of major lenders. However, we are equally likely to represent the borrowers. This gives us a strong understanding of the requirements of all parties, contributing to our reputation as practical, deal-making lawyers
  • Work in the hotels and restaurants sector: We assist a number of major hotel owners in financing the acquisition, construction and development of hotels. We also act for a number of major fast food franchise owners, particularly companies operating large numbers (often 30 to 50), in all their property finance work
  • Another key sector we have specialist expertise is nursing homes; working for the owners and operators of nursing homes handling all aspects of the real estate financing of homes in this highly regulated sector.

Islamic Law Finance

Our Islamic finance department will be able to advise you on a wide range of Islamic finance products including alternatives to the conventional mortgage known as a murabaha contract (fixed rate mortgage alternative) or a diminishing musharaka contract (variable rate mortgage alternative).

We can also advise on a number of other products including ijarah (leasing contract) and musharakah (joint partnership financing).

Islamic finance products are designed to comply with Islamic law and the industry has boomed since its introduction to UK markets in the 1980s. The main concept surrounding Islamic finance is the prohibition on usury (interest). However, Islamic law does not reject the notion of time value for money and financial institutions are therefore permitted a return. The return is usually achieved through risk sharing – financial institutions make a profit on a transaction as a reward for the risk they take in a customer. Alternatively, a financial institution can receive financial compensation as a result of forgoing other opportunities.

Islamic finance products are only available in relation to investments, acquisitions and transactions that adhere to Islamic principles. Therefore, dealing with anything haram (illicit) such as alcohol or gambling is strictly forbidden.

Covid-19 has impacted financial institutions worldwide, however the Islamic banking and finance institutions have managed to remain relatively unscathed. It is suggested that due to providing financing based on profit and loss-sharing, the system is less susceptible to financial crisis and distress. This was also the case in the 2008 global financial crisis.

If you wish to discuss Islamic finance products and the options available please feel to contact us on +44(0)207 822 2222. We look forward to helping you with your Islamic finance needs.

‘A small firm which punches well above its weight’ GSC Solicitors LLP undertook leasing transactions for several blue-chip corporate tenants, particularly in the media sector. It acted for a number of hotel owners regarding the acquisition and development of new hotels.

“We have found the service excellent, and it is for this reason we have continued to use GSC. The key strengths for us have been a commercial approach to deals that is often missing from solicitors, and a personal service based on a knowledge of us and our needs and long-term plans.”

“The main positive comparison we have noted from GSC is the personal touch and commercial acumen.”

“We have often used different legal firms for IP and other work in the past, but GSC’s commercial approach and professionalism, coupled with the excellent working relationship we have built up over a number of years makes it our preferred choice.”

“As a Financial Advisor I have been personally using and recommending GSC for over thirty years. I have referred clients of mine to them and only ever been thanked for the recommendation, which should convey the confidence I have in the individuals, and the firm.”

“Great result today. Just wanted to say thank you for your continued hard work in fighting our corner on this case. You have both been amazing. Michael incredible support and good ideas.”

Legal 500: 'GSC punches above its weight.’

Legal 500: ‘I have worked with GSC for many years and have been hugely impressed with their knowledge of the sector and the law.’

Legal 500: 'GSC are engaging and take time to not only understand the nature of your enquiry but the nature of your business itself. They are quick to grasp complexities and tailor advice and solutions that are very specific.’

Legal 500: 'Great understanding of tax matters and tactics, very professional. Very professional and methodical, confident way of handling case work’.

Legal 500: 'I had a fantastic experience working with the solicitors at GSC Solicitor LLP. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who are committed to providing exceptional legal support. The staff was attentive, responsive, and demonstrated a deep understanding of my needs’.

Legal 500: 'Working with GSC has been a standout experience, thanks to their exceptional individuals. Their team possesses unique qualities that set them apart from competitors’.

Legal 500: 'What distinguishes GSC’s individuals is their commitment to client satisfaction. They understand my needs, communicate transparently, and work seamlessly as a team. Their professionalism, integrity, and personalised approach inspire trust and confidence’.

Legal 500: '100% commitment to the cause. Clients get an exceptionally-dedicated team.’

Legal 500: 'Service is phenomenal, advice is quick, and calls are always returned.’

Legal 500: ‘The practice is very hands-on and engaged with its clients.’

Legal 500: ‘Outstanding skills and a great ability to understand international legal issues.’

Legal 500: ‘Excellent service and especially professional.’

Legal 500: ‘The team have excellent knowledge in real estate and can advise on complex transactions.’

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