The Hidden Danger to Your Business

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The Hidden Danger to Your Business

October 4th, 2019, Legal Updates
Fraud Solicitors London

In today’s environment there are already considerable challenges to your business which coupled with the problems of Brexit make matters difficult enough.

To add to the problems there is the danger of fraud. This is frequently overlooked by business owners and/senior management.

The disturbing fact is that recent research has showed that 38% of UK businesses have been affected by internal fraud. The only part of the World with a worse figure  was sub-Saharan Africa.

Adverse social media activity is a considerable factor and there is much concern in the market place regarding cyber crime and also cyber attacks.

Crypto currencies continue to give cause for concern.

Any of the above could seriously damage a business.

The answer is that prevention is better than cure so review your systems on a regular basis and seek professional advice if in doubt.

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