The Future for Copyright

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The Future for Copyright

December 9th, 2015, Blog
Copyright - Part 36 incentatives

The European Commission has today outlined its visions on reforming European copyright rules to adapt to the online digital market.

The main aspect of the announcement is the proposal to allow online users to access and use content across the national borders by which copyright is usually split.

Streaming services have often complained about the difficult of concluding cross border licensing deals, despite the recent developments  from publishers and collecting societies designed to ease these worries.

The proposals would allow you to access BBC broadcast services, on demand TV packages or streaming services whilst travelling in Europe. The timing of these changes are intended to coincide with the abolition of mobile data roaming charges in 2017.

A second noteworthy development is that the European Commission will be looking at the troublesome issues surrounding the remuneration of artists, performers, writers and, publishers and recording companies from in relation to new forms of online distribution.

The Commission intends prepare a further report for Spring 2016 with the objective of ensuring that all the people that contribute to generating the copyright works have the ability to fully ascertain their rights, thus contributing to a fair allocation and adequate remuneration for their contribution.

Commission takes first steps to broaden access to online content and outlines its vision to modernise EU copyright rules

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