Senior Partner becomes PINE Trustee

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Senior Partner becomes PINE Trustee

January 27th, 2020, News

GSC’s Senior Partner Saleem Sheikh has joined PINE as a Trustee on the Board of Advisors. PINE is a business incubator programme that helps young entrepreneurs to build and grow startup businesses.

The mission of the incubator is to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology, education and financial services, based startups and other compatible businesses.

The programme is developed under the guidelines of the ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Policies’ by the Commonwealth. PINE is backed by some of the most successful companies that once started out as startups themselves, including Shajar Capital and Osmani and Co.

‘I am delighted to have come on board and join PINE’, Saleem comments. ‘I admire what that organisation does, its ethos and the valuable guidance that it provides to younger generations. I am looking forward to contributing with any necessary support and advice to those who are just starting their businesses or entrepreneurs with ambition.  This programme is quite similar to what GSC’s Next Generation Programme offers to next generation of entrepreneurs in the UK and beyond. Everyone needs a helping hand and support as valuable platform at a start of professional journey.’

If you are a start up or a smaller business and would like to learn more about what PINE could do for you, please visit: 

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