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Flagship Rolling Stones Store

September 23rd, 2020, News

We are absolutely thrilled to see the finished product for our client, Bravado – the new flagship Rolling Stones store in Carnaby Street! Harvey Posener and Amee Popat in our Real Estate team did the legal work for the lease of the premises and are delighted to have been involved in this exciting new collaboration between the band, Universal Music Group and their merchandising company, Bravado:

Flagship Carnaby Street store features items from plectrums to artwork by the creator of the band’s logo John Pasche.

It will be a place where the committed fan can consider spending £535 on a Rolling Stones-themed crystal decanter, £110 on a “Stones red” bomber jacket or £15 on a face mask made from cotton or, for £10 more, silk. Big tongues are everywhere, mostly red, occasionally leopard print.

The venue is the world’s first permanent Rolling Stones shop, which will open in the spiritual home of all things cool, Carnaby Street in London’s West End, on Wednesday.

Some will say that opening a bricks-and-mortar retail operation now, as the pandemic continues, is very risky. “Time will tell,” said Boyne. “For us, it is about taking a really powerful, positive message to the marketplace.


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