Senior Partner Saleem Sheikh featured in CityWealth

Citywealth, a Private Client Directory of recommended wealth managers and advisors around the UK that comprises of top 20 lawyers in Wealth Management, featured Saleem Sheikh in their 60 second interview series today.

In his interview GSC’s Senior Partner speaks about morphing from lawyer to trusted advisor, being a part of clients’ success stories and the importance of family.

GSC Solicitors LLP Receives ‘The Law Firm of the Year 2019’ Award

We are proud and honoured to announce that GSC Solicitors have been awarded ‘Law Firm of the Year 2019’ last Sunday 18th August in London.

This recognition is very special to us because this year’s Pakistan Achievement Awards International 2019 (PAA) marked their 10th anniversary celebrating the tenth year of Trade & Investment in Pakistan. According to the supportive words from The Rt. Hon. Imran Khan ‘the plan is not just to attract foreign and overseas visitors, but Pakistan’s own investors as well and to bring ease of doing business to facilitate investors’.

PAA marks heroes globally, starting from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to outstanding individuals and their contributions in culture, business, art, science, sports, community work, to name a few.

Commenting on the award, GSC Solicitors’ Senior Partner Saleem Sheikh said, ‘We are humbled by all the support and recognition of our contribution in supporting opportunities between the UK and Pakistan. We are also overwhelmed with messages and congratulations from our clients and partners  from all over the globe. The support that we have received was absolutely staggering! It has come from almost every corner of the world – Kenya, Middle East, Brazil, Malaysia, Argentina, China, Canada, Pakistan, Norway, Uganda, India, USA, Angola, Sweden, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Philippines – I hope I have not forgotten to mention everyone. Thank you so very much.’

We have been a trusted legal advisor to businesses and individuals for over 47 years, and we take this award as another recognition of our work and dedication to our clients.

Saleem Sheikh’s story in the Asian Giants

GSC’s Saleem Sheikh featured in a very special issue of the Asian Voice, ‘Asian Giants, Kenya Special 2019’.

It is indeed a fascinating story that tells you about Saleem’s personal journey that started in Kenya, his family and the time when Kenya perused independence and freedom… Have a read: Saleem Sheikh Asian Giants


Saleem Sheikh on fatherhood, running the firm and more

There’s no manual for being a parent, and negotiating a balance between family life and achieving your dreams can be a challenge. We asked Saleem Sheikh, Senior Partner of GSC Solicitors LLP, and father of three, his advice on raising a family while intensely managing a successful City-based law firm.

GSC’s Senior Partner Saleem Sheikh’s feature in the Father’s Day issue of the Asian Wealth magazine – have a read here