Marking our 50th Anniversary

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Marking our 50th Anniversary

March 31st, 2022, News, The GSC Story


GSC Solicitors LLP: Celebrating 50 Years of the Legal Excellence

Year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of GSC Solicitors LLP. Its first (slightly) contentious issue?

The naming of the independent law firm. It’s just one of a series of ‘GSC Stories’ set to be published throughout 2022 to mark the half-centenary.

It was 1972. John Douglas Green and David Peter Conway, the firm’s founding partners, were putting final plans in place for the launch of the law firm that would later become known as GSC Solicitors LLP.

There was just one sticking point: the firm’s name. GSC Senior Partner Saleem Sheikh takes up the story:

“Discussions went back and forth but John and David simply couldn’t agree whose name would appear first. They decided to flip a coin and John won. The firm would be called Green Conway & Co.

Yet David felt a little aggrieved. He had been qualified slightly longer than John. Alphabetically his surname came first. Conway Green & Co? John refused. He’d won the coin flip fair and square.

“It was David’s mum who broke the deadlock and called John with a potential solution. John could have his name first, she said, but David wanted the firm to bear his full name.

So Green David Conway & Co was born. For years afterwards many clients assumed ‘David’ was the never seen silent partner.”

GSC Stories

Naming the firm is the first of many stories chosen to mark the golden anniversary of a law firm which has become synonymous with client relationships that span multiple generations.

It was while recalling those stories with Head of Marketing Zhanna Sutton that Saleem realised they were too good not to be told.

Zhanna says: “50 years in business is an important milestone and deserves to be celebrated. While talking with Saleem, other partners and members of the wider GSC family, it’s clear

that our stories are about more than legal cases. They are about people who shaped our history, the clients whose lives have been changed by those people and the legal precedents set in the highest courts.”

“Like every family, some of our stories are amusing, some inspiring, some profound and some moving. Together they define the legacy of GSC and now seemed the perfect time to capture them.”

During this year, GSC Solicitors LLP will share its stories, and Saleem sees a common thread running through each one.

“We are – and have always been – lawyers for life. We have never viewed our clients as ‘cases’, ‘legal problems’ and certainly not ‘fees’. We commit to our clients in real and significant ways

and they trust us to make a difference. We are their lawyers. But we are also so much more.

“It is that approach that has seen us grow for 50 years. That is what the GSC Stories reveal. And that is why we remain well positioned to thrive for the next 50.”

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